We do not create puppies in order to sell them to the many people who ask us for puppies; hence this space is usually blank.

Our breedings happen when we are looking to add the next mastiff  to our small family.
We hope that this special mastiff will go on to extend the Owenspride name by virtue of showing

and breeding.  We limit ourselves somewhat, by taking such an austere approach
to our breeding; but we feel that it is the best for our girls. They are our " daughters",  and we undertake subjecting them to the hazards and stresses of breeding with the utmost of caution.


We have an EXCITING BREEDING planned for early 2019.
Our beautiful Pish Posh will be bred to a fantastic male who will be revealed once the breeding has taken place. We are super excited about the next  of our Pishy's life.  I know that if the breeding is successful she will prove to be an amazing mother.