Touch me with your voice as a puppy young and new,
And let me know my presence is what is pleasing you.

Touch me with your spirit, for God sent me here to you,
To teach you of that precious bond known by the choicest few.

Touch me with your hands as I grow tall and strong,
I need you as my mentor through out my whole life long.

Touch me with your eyes as I become full grown,
To validate unspoken love that we have always known.

Touch me with your heart as our bond keeps growing stronger
And words need not be used in our language any longer.

Touch me with your breath, so soft and warm upon my face,
As I try to bring you comfort in life's never ending race.

Touch me with your love when my muzzle turns to gray,
I live my life to please you, each and every single day.

Touch me with your lips, and brush them softly on my brow,
Please kiss away the fears that I am feeling now.

Touch me with your scent when age has dimmed my sight,
To reassure me always that you will be my light.

Touch me with your face when your tears are meant for me,
So I may bear your pain and let your heart be free.

Touch me with remembrance when I have traveled on,
And hold me in your heart forever when I'm gone.

Susan Krauser 2002

Dear little ghosts, whose memories
have never faded from our hearts...
Sleep sweetly in the Fields of Asphodel,
And waken, as of old, to stretch thy languid length,
And purr thy soft contentment to the skies. 

-Agnes Repplier