Potamus left us on July 12, 2018 at the age of 10 years and 3 months.

He could no longer get around easily due to progressive worsening of some neurological condition which we chose not to have an MRI done to reveal the cause of.We do know it was not DM because he has been tested negative for it.

The symptoms were exactly like what his father had; so we assume he probably had the same thing. Owen was diagnosed with a bone tumor in his spine which we had surgically addressed and which proved to be benign but pressing on his spine

Surgery helped Owen but it was a lot for him to go through. Given the chance again we made a different choice.


Nothing will ever replace him in our hearts. He was the very sweetest and most loving dog in the world. All he wanted to do was to lean, press, and lick you.  He was extremely special.



GCh. Owenspride Better Weight Than Never RN " POTAMUS"

PRA DNA cleared by parentage OFA prelim mild subluxation unilateral OFA elbow prelim normal OFA cardiac normal ECHO Degenertive Myelopathy negative Cystinuria DNA 1:1

CH. Brookside's Worth the Weight CGC

Born 12.6.1996 OFA Hips GOOD ; elbows normal CERF'd normal thyroid normal dominant PRA homozygous normal UPENN cystinuria negative

CH. Brookside's Abraham

d.o.b.10/5/1994 STUD reg.11/96 MCOA Award, 10/1995 fawn

CH. Brookside's Brutus

DOB 11/91 apricot

CH. Brookside's Emily

apricot 1993 M.C.O.A. Hall of Fame

CH. Iron Hills Orpheus

fawn photo courtesy Scott Phoebus

CH. Brookside's Goliath

apricot WP31604905 2001 M.C.O.A. Hall of Fame

Brookside's Moses

OFA Excellent MF745E24M apricot akc # WG008741 STUD 2/90

Brookside's Hannah

d.o.b. 3/12/1988 fawn

CH. Lionsire Grizz

OFA90E brindle 1993 M.C.O.A. Hall of Fame

CH.Sherwood's Anticipatience RE CGC ,TDI

OFA prelims GOOD, elbows NORMAL, OFA Cardiac NORMAL ( practitioner and ECHO) PENNHIP .53/.50 40th percentile, no DJD; PRA DNA clear by parentage; CERF(#194754) retinal folds; UPENN cystinuria negative

Greiner Hall Egan

OFA good, PRADNA, brindle

Greiner Hall Nicholas

Greiner Hall Tuppence

Knight's Grizzlys Caliente


SW DEN NOR FIN CH Alvedor's Aragorn

CH Greiner Hall Knights Isa-Tai

INT AM CH. Chagrin's Olivia

OFAgood, elbows, PRA,cardiac

Pallone's Crowning Glory

courtesy Deborah Pallone

Chagrin's Matilda

Chagrin Danny Boy

Greiner Hall Chagrin Stars and Stripes

Potamus, 7 years old at Nickerson State Park.

3.8 years old

Potamus around age two, stuck in a cranberry bog!! That is how deep the mud was. Don't worry; he was right on the edge and solid ground was just beyond the photo edge. He stepped out easily.

Madison Square Garden

Westminster 2011

Two Q's in Rally!

Potamus Shows at Westminster!

Stud Inquiry

22 months old

24 mos.

20 months old

16 months old

12 months old

Potamus's Pedigree:

You Tubes

Potamus, two years old stacking practice: POTAMUS 12 months old,stacking practice video: Potamus and Pickle at Crosby Beach, about five months old:
Potamus and Pickle on the Beach from owenspride on Vimeo.