Petunia was our pick out of our breeding of Parsnip to Goliath. ( Ch. Brookside's Goliath, on "Brooksider's" page here)


Conformationally she had some tiny issues at the time that we picked her. She turned into a HUGE bitch of terrific type  and as expected, her flaws grew with her! LOL. Her biggest  conformational issue is her topline obviously. As a tiny pup she had thr faintest dip behind the shoulder. Even knowing that, she was my pick because I loved her BREADTH and SIZE and her tremendous correct apricot coat COLOR ( though the texture is too neat in my opinion. )

Petunia is suspicious of strangers and takes a long time to decide whether or not they are ok. She is on guard most of the time and isn't your typical "plug and play "dog. Wariness of strangers isn't totally incorrect for a mastiff ( remember these are guard dogs in origin!).  But her temperament gave me pause in terms of going forward with her and ultimately the choice was taken from me when she developed a pyometra at age 2 and needed to be spayed.

( We do not believe in attempting to treat pyometra medically at this point.  Of course it can be done; but I have always thought that if a bitch pyos, it's not meant to be.  When they pyo my only concern is for the bitch and getting her cleared of infection and healthy and happy the sooner the better.  And be done with it. If they pyo once they will probably do so again. )


Petunia is the RESIDENT QUEEN of Owenspride at this time!

Ron and I love her so much ; she brings us so much joy and fills the house and home with her hilarious expressions and antics! She is a great soccer player just like her mother was.

We are extremely proud of her and blessed to have her.


CH. Brookside's Goliath

apricot WP31604905 2001 M.C.O.A. Hall of Fame

Brookside's Moses

OFA Excellent MF745E24M apricot akc # WG008741 STUD 2/90

Midnight's Caeser

d.o.b.4/2/1982 OFA fair apricot

Millport Farm Alex

d.o.b.10/30/1982 fawn

Mack's Felix Nel's Princess

d.o.b. 7/25/1982 apricot

Midnight's Roxie

d.o.b.1/26/1984 fawn

Fawnwood's Wendy

d.o.b. 10/30/1979 apricot

Brookside's Hannah

d.o.b. 3/12/1988 fawn

Cindy Lou


Owenspride Absolute Aplomb RN

OFA hips and elbows GOOD /Normal. CERF normal. Cardiac Normal

CH. Brookside's Worth the Weight CGC

Born 12.6.1996 OFA Hips GOOD ; elbows normal CERF'd normal thyroid normal dominant PRA homozygous normal UPENN cystinuria negative

CH. Brookside's Abraham

d.o.b.10/5/1994 STUD reg.11/96 MCOA Award, 10/1995 fawn

CH. Brookside's Goliath

apricot WP31604905 2001 M.C.O.A. Hall of Fame

CH.Sherwood's Anticipatience RE CGC ,TDI

OFA prelims GOOD, elbows NORMAL, OFA Cardiac NORMAL ( practitioner and ECHO) PENNHIP .53/.50 40th percentile, no DJD; PRA DNA clear by parentage; CERF(#194754) retinal folds; UPENN cystinuria negative

Greiner Hall Egan

OFA good, PRADNA, brindle

Knight's Grizzlys Caliente


INT AM CH. Chagrin's Olivia

OFAgood, elbows, PRA,cardiac

Chagrin's Matilda